How YmeetMe to  become a leading online dating app in Vietnam?

How YmeetMe to  become a leading online dating app in Vietnam?
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“The lodestar, as well as the key to our current success, is continuously changing and improving to enhance better user experience.” — shared by Tomokazu Immamura, CEO of Ymeetme — a 2-million-user online dating startup coming from Vietnam.

Here, he also explains some more key concepts that help Ymeetme develop exponentially within only 2 years without any investment from sharks.

  1. A/B testing

A/B testings, also called Split testing, means experiments in which 2 distinct versions ( A and B) are applied and tested on the similar random samples then compared to find a final effective one to apply on production. The final one is what show higher performance.

If startups want users to love and stick to their apps, A/B testing is deemed to be a must. From big to tiny UI/UX elements in landing page/ advertisement/design/flow should all be tested because sometimes, users can easily give up your app quickly right on the landing page just because of some small confusion or unclearness. When you conduct A/B testings, many of these could be easily realized to be fixed.

With Ymeetme, right from the very early stage of launching the application, many A/B testings have been done. For example:

i. Test 2 different contents: “Sign up with Facebook” and “Sign up via Facebook” for Sign up button (on the landing page). After 1 month, “Sign up via Facebook” option shows a better performance with conversion rate got 7% higher than the other one.

ii. Experiment 2 slogans for feature cover on the Play store, which are “Safe online dating for women” and “Effective online datings for singles”.

With 10% of higher conversion rate (app install rate) and the ability to reach more visitors, the latter slogan was selected.

Though these testings could be applied to small items, they did help Ymeetme save 25% of the customer acquisition cost.

2. Measure and optimize

Measure and Optimize is also our must when implementing any change or new feature as it could help us know which is effective and which makes our users happy. By continuously tracking and measuring, we could drive our focus more correctly without wasting any effort and resource for meaningless work.

A clear-cut example is:

i. On Ymeetme, users have a high tendency to send “Like” and make “Match” with people of the same age range. Watching and acknowledging this fact, we have implemented Recommendation feature to suggest appropriate users to every single user to help them find their partners with more ease. As a result, the match rate in our system has gone up by 40% since then.

3. Personalized features

Maximizing user satisfaction is always a hard question for many startups and Ymeetme is not an exception. Clustering users based on their genders, ages, locations, love drives… and applying personalized features to each group has proved to be effective and make our users stay on Ymeetme longer.

For instance, “Random match” is a delight feature we designed especially for users who want a quick date and have not much concern about their partners.

4. User retention

While acquiring new users could be costly, making existing users stick to the app and turning them into loyal users seems much easier and cheaper. Effective push notifications or app updates have helped our users keep updated and stay on the system for longer. Promotion and discount campaigns are also frequently applied to encourage repayments.

5. ROI and build brand

Online advertising has proved to be an effective advertising method for Ymeetme. Besides appropriately diving advertising budget into each advertising campaign and continuously optimizing each ads channel, banners, ROI and brand impression has been stably improving. In detail:

i.In a campaign focusing on ROI, if it reveals a negative signal, it will be stopped right away. Similarly, if a brand campaign could not help enhance natural growth in a long-term (3 months for example), Ymeetme also don’t hesitate to haunt the campaign. By this way, Ymeetme has been effectively allocating our budget into the right advertising campaigns.

ii. For ads channels, which brings higher ROI will be always preferred to utilized and optimized. Thus, putting more money on high-performance channels and campaigns has helped Ymeetme lessen the user acquisition cost significantly.

6. Casual user research

Right from launching stage, Ymeetme has always know that user research has to be our frequent activity to understand our users. Online survey, in-depth interview, or user testing have become casual activities to make us stay connected to users. This not only allows us to have immediate appropriate actions to solve any users’ concern but also help us uncover their insight for further implications in building products. By quickly identify the problem male face with when making payment via bank account, our product developers quickly integrated many more payment methods to fit a variety of users of different backgrounds.

7. Human resource training on a frequent basis

Giving staffs chances to learn and develop is always our focus. Organizing frequent training and mob programmings between leaders and staffs has helped us dealt with problems much more quickly and efficiently.

Besides, we also have a technology page so that each developer can share their own knowledge, skills to others.

8. Focus on App store/ SEO

One free channel that drives a large number of new users to Ymeeetme is from search on Google/ Appstore. To maximize the installation rate from this channel, you could:

  • App Store Optimization

Experimenting multiple logo/ feature versions to know exactly which is most appealing and convincing to users. It is a common technique of game applications in acquiring their users.

Changing app name and short description many times to see what drives most attention from users. Thus, your keyword right in your app name is also a key factor that helps your app stay on a first list on Appstore listing.

Testing many banners and screenshots until you could find the most cohesive and converting the most number of users.

  • SEO:

If Optimizing App Store could be somehow easy, on the other hand, SEO requires your patience and effort. However, don’t worry, it could be hard, yet it’ really worth. A good SEO strategy would help improve your ranking on Google in terms of both product and backlink. We focus on providing high-quality content, shared on multiple social media to reach a high volume of audience. That’s why for now, up to 50% of users now are coming from SEO with many hot keywords which are highly ranked on Google search. By searching “ứng dụng hẹn hò”, “hẹn hò online”, “chat hẹn hò”…visitors could find Ymeetme right on the top search:

9. Ease of use

Sign in process many times seems so painful for everyone, especially when they come into the system via a link in email or an ads banner. To avoid this situation, we apply deeplink for every single page inside the app so that visitors could access a target page with ease. Moreover, integrating APIs from Facebook and Google also allow our users to sign up accounts via these two methods with less time and effort.

10. Optimize social networks

We all know that Facebook and Twitter are 2 effective channels to not only increase likes, follows but also nurture your current users. However, the importance here is that you don’t need many likes just for likes, what you do need is to convince visitors to become your users and persuade normal users to be your loyal users. Thus, a content with high reach and could encourage many comments and share will result in good brand impressions.

Each social network should be optimized with each unique appropriate strategy. For instance, with Instagram, hashtag or photos have to be your focus, conversely, short videos will bring you more good results.

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